MKE Week 21

Do you believe in miracles? Einstein asked this question and in reality there are only 2 answers either you do or you don’t. You can point to certain times in your life when something you saw or heard sounded like a miracle. We have all seen catches that defy explanation but is that considered a miracle? We have all heard stories of people who have all but been declared dead but open their eyes and say they feel fine. Is that a miracle? I would say yes so yes I do believe in miracles.

A tougher question to ask, am I capable of miracles? Is every human being on this planet capable of miracles? Six months ago I would have answered no. Now my answer is yes, we are all capable of creating miracles. I realize this is a tough concept for most people to believe and as I said 6 months ago I would have agreed with you.

To me all you need to do is look around this earth of ours and see the things that nature has provided, that man has created and come to the understanding that life is a miracle. And if life is a miracle then we are all part of this human race we are a miracle. And if we are a miracle we then have the ability to create a miracle. It all starts with a thought. That thought then needs to emotionalized, it must be a burning desire, something you want more than anything and then watch what happens. As long as it does not affect someone’s else’s space the universe will move mountains to grant your desire. The key here is that it must be a burning desire, not something you think about once in awhile.

I can’t wait to hear what miracles you are creating in your life.


MKE Week 20

What are you afraid of when trying to build your business? If someone said no to you would you have hurt feelings? People say no all the time, i.e. you go out to eat for breakfast most times the waitress will bring a pot of coffee over and ask if you want some coffee. If you say no, does she care? No, she knows you will probably buy something else. Her feelings are not hurt. Yet if someone says to no to our offer we take it that they are saying no to us when in fact the offer is what they are saying no to.

Others emotions you may have are anger and guilt if people say no. Anger for them actually saying no and guilt that maybe if you had something different they would have said yes. Since in most cases you will never know the reason why they said no, there is no reason to be angry or feel guilty. This does not mean you cannot improve your techniques but does mean that you cannot dwell on losing that sale.

Sometimes you may feel unworthy to make a sale that is out of your comfort zone. You might be comfortable making the $1,000.00 sale but when someone is interested in the $10,000.00 item you feel uneasiness if you have never done it before. You need to treat every sale the same, just the dollar value is different.

The last feeling I want to write about is fear itself. Does the phone weigh about 300 lbs. when you go to make that sales call. Does fear of rejection hold you back. Remember people love to buy so if you just position as a buying opportunity people will be happy you called them. Make it about them and not you and that phone can be your best friend.


MKE Week 19

I watched an fantastic Ted talk this week by Amy Cuddy. She talks about how our body language can influence how people think about us. If you see someone with arms crossed or their hands flailing wildly while they talk you instantly make a determination of that person. Good or bad you have made an opinion before you have even been introduced.

Think about the signals you have been giving without saying a word now when you do speak do people really listen to what you say or if something can be taken more than one way, one person may think you meant one thing while another person thought you meant something totally different. This then cause issues in the future as someone misinterpreted what you said.

This to me is one more step in my journey to being an effective communicator. This is key in not only business but in life in general. When people understand your true intentions then less misunderstandings can materialize.

MKE Week 18

Kindness, we all have been kind, we have seen kind acts so why is it that we don’t seem to notice all of them? It is all around us but if you ask anyone I would venture to guess most would that they did not see a kind act today. However if you drill down ask something specific like, did you either let someone in who was trying to merge into traffic or someone let you merge they would say oh yeah I saw that happened today.

As most of what the average person talks about is negative, that is what they notice and attract into their lives. They do not understand that their thoughts control what they attract into their lives.

I would say amazingly but in reality it is not that amazing but when the MKE group focused on kindness they saw more acts of kindness and did more acts of kindness. Just by focusing on kindness our group helped make the world a kinder place. Imagine if we could get 1%, 5% or even 10% of the world to focus on kindness, how much better this world would be.

I will keep focusing on kindness, what about you?


MKE Week 17HJ

What makes a hero? To some you might be hero if you hit 50 home runs and can score 30 points a game in basketball or throw 30 touchdowns in a season. To others maybe you can play the guitar or piano or sing can make you a hero.

In reality as David Bowie sings “We all can be hero’s” and not just for one day. To me a hero a someone who does things the average does not. We all have greatness within us and what you do with that greatness can make you a hero. It could be just a hug for someone who needs a pick me up, a kind word for someone whose heart was recently broken. Maybe you just listened to someone who needed to talk their problems out, in that moment you were a hero to someone.

Imagine being that person every day, it is easy to do once you create that habit. As I have written we live our life habit and we can make a habit of living the life of a hero everyday. You just have to acknowledge that you are a hero since most people do not believe they are. You may have to give yourself permission to be a hero but do not be afraid to be a hero.

Enjoy the journey as you are most likely a hero to someone already.

MKE Week 17

Kindness is a virtue that when you hear people talk about it, you would think that nobody practices kindness. But in reality it is all around us. At least once a day I either let someone in or I see someone else let someone in when merging into the traffic. If I let someone in I always get a wave showing their gratitude.

When I am at work i am hearing more thank you’s that I did before as I am consciously tuned into it. It is the same when you buy a new car, all of sudden you see the same cars around you. They were always there but you weren’t focused on the model till you bought yours. Now that I am focused on kindness I do notice it more.

This proves to me that humans are by and large kind people. Most people love hearing a thank you or a your welcome. I find by saying it more often that I hear it more often. Coincidence, no I think I am just attracting this into my life. My positive energy is is rubbing off on other people and they are responding to this energy.

So be kind and see what happens.

MKE Week 16

I head the group America sing Tin Man on Music Choice earlier today and one line stood out for me. “Oz never gave anything to the Tin Man that he did not already have”. How true a statement, he always had a heart but believed he didn’t and that belief was ingrained in his brain.

How many of us believe we don’t have greatness in us because of the conditioning we had growing up? Even if you were never told you will never be successful but be realistic. Be like everyone else, go to college, get a job and make just enough to survive. But greatness never was mentioned.

Now I am not blaming anyone for that as that was how they lived their lives. The rich were the rich and we were to be contented with having our suburban life. More successful than our grandparents but not rich.

Now I know that everyone has greatness inside, it is just there waiting for you to claim. There is abundance all around us so don’t worry that you are taking away from someone else. It is starts with thought. I think it was Henry Ford who said, “What the mind of man can believe, it can achieve”. What do you want to achieve? What are your daily thoughts as this will determine what you achieve.

Whenever I hear a sports champion on TV, radio etc, all of them have that belief that they were destined to be a champion. They saw it in themselves before the rest of the world. Now you have a chance to be a champion but you need to believe, then imagine and then make it happen. It is up to you which is the good news as you control your destiny. You have the ability within you so activate it and show the world your greatness.